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Over several months I had developed serious pain in my right knee. I went to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston and they discovered I had a Baker’s Cyst behind my right knee. I was then referred to a specialist and was immediately put on a pain killer that helped for a while. Then the Dr. started me on injections and that did good for a while, but the pain persisted.

After a couple of months of limited response to injections I heard from my chiropractor, Dr. Cole, about his new K-Laser machine. This was the best thing that happened to me. At this time I could hardly walk or put on clothes. I needed my husband to drive me around to appointments and I basically quit doing my normal activities and volunteer work.

I started treatment with Dr. Cole and I am going two times a week for about 7-8 minutes per treatment. I slept the best I have slept in 2-3 months after the first visit. The results of treatment with Dr. Cole have been amazing. Dr. Cole, “the Grace of God”, and his new Laser machine have enabled me to do the things I hadn’t done for sometime. The Baker’s Cyst has gone down considerably and the pain is much more manageable. I still take over the counter pain pills from time to time, but they are fewer and further between.

The part that really makes me happy is when I call Dr. Cole to cancel an appointment, they are always ready to reschedule me on my time. He’s just a wonderful doctor. I have and will continue to recommend him, because he has really made a wonderful change in my life. 

Mrs. Earthalee Wright


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