"Getting ongoing chiropractic care helps me to stay injury-free. It also helps me to deal with symptoms when they begin, so that they don't turn into bigger injuries down the road."

Padraig Harrington

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Golf and Chiropractic


Dr. Cole at the Nationwide Tour Championship

One of the most common complaints golfers have is low back pain. Data compiled by Professional Sports Care revealed the following injury profile for professional golfers in 2007: 68 percent lower back, sacroiliac, lower thoracic; 7 percent shoulder; and 6 percent wrist, forearm and hand. According to Dr. LaFountain, director of chiropractic services for the PGA since 2000, 72 percent of professional golfers receive regular chiropractic care. If professional golfers trust chiropractic for pain relief then it only seems logical that amateur golfers should be able to utilize the same techniques and methods as well.


If you are experiencing pain, lack of consistency or a sudden loss of power then you have made it to the right place. Dr. Cole is a Titleist certified fitness instructor.  He uses the same golf specific evaluations trusted by touring professionals to show physical limitations. The evaluations coupled with high speed video analysis will determine which limitations are causing your swing faults. Dr. Cole works hand in hand with local teaching professionals and personal trainers to implement a treatment plan designed to help golfers transition to a more powerful and consistent swing. Below is a screenshot of the video we implement.





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